“At last, I have found not one but TWO massage therapists I was looking for! I am very pleased with my experience every time I use their services. Janet and Jill have achieved the perfect blend of soothing the spirit and great muscle kneading relaxation. I highly recommend their services for anybody looking for a great Massage Therapist that they would be proud to call their own. Their very tasteful ambiance and professional service is just the icing on the cake!” —Brandon Gallardo

About Us

Welcome to our website, www.BalanceBeautyBliss.com. Janet and I (Jill) are twin sisters born and raised in Roseville, California and both have a passion for helping others. We choose to do business in Roseville because of the life long connection we have to the city and we enjoy the friendly people the community attracts. As twins we had separate career interests out of school and explored our own career paths, however over time Janet and I always knew we wanted more out of life than what we were experiencing in the day-to-day corporate world. In 2003 we did some soul searching and realized what we both wanted in our lives was not a job, it was a hobby that pays! We wanted to be in the "feel good" industry and help others reduce stress and eliminate pain in their bodies. Our answer was massage therapy!

Together we attended Healing Arts Institute and obtained our certificates as Massage Therapists. We are happy to have made the rewarding transition to being self-employed as Massage Therapists in Roseville. We are truly blessed to be able to do what we do.

We both enjoy attending advanced classes and workshops to increase our skills and knowledge as massage therapists. By continuing our education we are able to offer our clients new services and keep up with the latest massage trends. We are big fans of being pampered ourselves therefore we like to indulge in experiencing different types of massages and bodywork. Nothing compares to how you feel after a great massage!
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